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Records of Holton Park Girls' Grammar School (1948-1972)

edited by Marilyn Yurdan (Hardback)  COMING SOON


Volume 71 of the Oxfordshire Record Society series is devoted to a transcription of the administrative records of Holton Park Girls' Grammar School, the institution at which Theresa May was educated. Edited by Marilyn Yurdan, an old girl of the school, the records cover a period of radical change in UK secondary education.


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Wood's Radley College Diary 1855-1861

edited by Mark Spurrell (Hardback)  £ 25.00


Volume 70 of the Oxfordshire Record Society series is the Diary of William Wood, who was sub-warden when William Sewell, the Founder, was warden of Radley College. This is the only substantial record surviving from the period of his wardenship, as he allowed no records to be made for fear of having his hands tied. He was obsessive about power.

Wood was an accomplished diarist and his work is of especial interest in that it covers most of what was the formative period in the history of the College. In his old age, he described the years as “A long and anxious yet happy time of struggle at Radley, where, assisted by a party of friends zealous for the school, we tried to check Sewell’s eccentricities and carry out for the best his original and excellent ideas of what a school should be; while he (alas!), first alone, and then under the unhappy direction of his brother, was plunging deeper and deeper into financial difficulties”. The story ends with Mr Hubbard rescuing the College, and refounding it as a public school.

A comprehensive introduction has been written by the editor, Mark Spurrell, which describes the main characters and puts the Diary into context. The volume is presented in an attractive hard case, and the text illustrated and fully indexed.

Volume 70 was reviwed on the website of the British Association for Local History in Summer 2007. The reviewer, Tim Lomas, describes the volume as “…a fascinating read, well-supported with helpful footnotes and a bibliography.

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The Life & Times of a Charlbury Quaker - the Journals of William Jones 1784-1818

edited by Hannah Jones (Hardback)  £ 25.00


Volume 69 of the Oxfordshire Record Society series is devoted to a transcription of the first three journals of a Charlbury Quaker, William Jones. He compiled ten journals in total from 1784 when age 22 until his death in 1838. The first three, transcribed here in full, cover the period of his life until 1818. He describes his entries as ‘Benefical to my Minde... as it caused me to Recolect how I had passed the Day and wether I had done anything that was rong’.

The editor, Hannah Jones is a graduate of University of Wales Lampeter and postgraduate of Aberystwyth University. She has worked at Oxfordshire History Centre since 2000, and qualified as an archivist in 2007.


Oxfordshire Friendly Societies 1750-1918, edited Shaun Morley (Hardback)  £ 25.00
The Historical Atlas of Oxfordshire / ed.Tiller Kate and Darkes Giles (Paperback) £ 20.00
The Diocese books of Samuel Wilberforce : Bishop of Oxford 1845-1869 / Pugh, Ronald Keith; Pugh, Margaret, 1920-2008 (Hardback) £ 20.00
Calendar of the court books of the Borough of New Woodstock 1607-1622 (WBM B78 /2 & WBM B78 /3) /  Taylor, Royston F.; Hodges, Mary; others.
 2007 (Hardback) £ 15.00
Oxfordshire forests 1246-1609 / Schumer, Beryl.  2004 (Paperback) £ 15.00  
Calendar of the court books of the Borough of New Woodstock 1588-1595 / Taylor, Royston F. 2002  (Paperback)  £ 15.00
Oxfordshire and north Berkshire protestation returns and tax assessments 1641-42 / Gibson, Jeremy Sumner Wycherley; Dobson, Christopher S. A. 1994 (Paperback) £ 20.00  
Woodstock chamberlains' accounts, 1609-50 / Maslen, Marjorie M.
1993 (Paperback) £ 15.00  
The correspondence of Thomas Secker, bishop of Oxford, 1737-1758 / Jenkins, A. P. 1991  (Paperback) £ 15.00 
The Oxfordshire eyre, 1241 / Cooper, Janet.1989 (Paperback) £ 15.00 
Church and chapel in Oxfordshire, 1851 : the return of the census of religious worship / Tiller, Kate.1987  (Paperback) £ 15.00 
Calendar of the court books of the borough of Witney : 1538-1610 / Bolton, James Laurence; Maslen, Marjorie M. 1985 (Paperback) £ 15.00
Oxfordshire sessions of the peace in the reign of Richard II / Kimball, Elisabeth G. (Elisabeth Guernsey),1900-1983 (Paperback) £ 15.00
Bishop Fell and Nonconformity : Visitation Documents from the Oxford Diocese, 1682-83 / Clapinson, Mary. 1980 (Paperback) £ 15.00 
Village education in nineteenth-century Oxfordshire : the Whitchurch school log book, 1868-93, and other documents / Horn, Pamela.1979 (Paperback) £ 20.00 
The Royalist ordnance papers, 1642-1646. II ed. I. Roy 1969 (Paperback)
£ 20.00  
The letter-books of Samuel Wilberforce, 1843- 68. R. K. Pugh 1968 £15.00 (Paperback)
The papers of Captain Henry Stevens, waggon- master-general to King Charles I. ed. Margaret Toynbee £ 15.00 1960-61 (Paperback)
Henley Borough records : Assembly books i-iv, 1395-1543. ed. P M Briers £ 20.00 (Paperback)

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