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The Life & Times of a Charlbury Quaker - the Journals of William Jones 1784-1818

edited by Hannah Jones (Hardback)  25.00


Volume 69 of the Oxfordshire Record Society series is devoted to a transcription of the first three journals of a Charlbury Quaker, William Jones. He compiled ten journals in total from 1784 when age 22 until his death in 1838. The first three, transcribed here in full, cover the period of his life until 1818. He describes his entries as ‘Benefical to my Minde... as it caused me to Recolect how I had passed the Day and wether I had done anything that was rong’.

The editor, Hannah Jones is a graduate of University of Wales Lampeter and postgraduate of Aberystwyth University. She has worked at Oxfordshire History Centre since 2000, and qualified as an archivist in 2007.


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